5 Questions to answer before buying a rowing machine

While treadmills and spin bikes are often seen as most effective of cardio machines it’s not really the case. Rowing machines have gained immense popularity over the years and are ideal for use at home and commercial gyms but before you get one here are a few questions to answer first.

buying a rowing machine

Will it provide a full body workout?

While rowing, your hands, and legs both come into play unlike with treadmills or bike which often only focus on the lower body and thus rowing is known to provide a more efficient full body exercise.

Rowing engages both lower body muscles such as the glutes, legs, hips along with the important upper body muscles like the shoulders, arms, biceps etc. Even your core plays an important role thus helping you burn off the excess lower belly fat.

Who should use them?

Whether you’re looking to burn off the excess calories, wanting to bulk up or are looking for the ideal machine for your parents or grandparents to workout on, the rowing machine is all you need.

With age, joint pains, weak muscles are common issues but a rower has been specifically designed to provide a low impact workout. Due to the adjustable weights, saddle position, foot straps etc. anyone can get into an ideal workout position too.

Which are the best brands?

When talking about brands, two names that pop out more often than not are Concept2 and WaterRower. Most experts rate Concept2 highly and rightly so. It manufactures products perfect for both home and commercial use that are cost-effective and offer durability like none.

On the other hand, WaterRower offers a unique kind of resistance system which is aimed to replicate the actual rowing movement. These rowers are manufactured using natural wood and blend perfectly into any home.

Other top rowing machine brands include Sunny Health and Fitness and Stamina, they offer rowing machines under the $500 price range.

How do I store my rower?

Storage can often be a make or break factor especially if you’re low on space. Commercial Rowers tend to be static and are also heavier to move thus require a large amount of space.

On the other hand, most home rowers are foldable and can be stored in an upright position in any corner of the home.  With the Concept2 Rowers, even the rails can be removed thus further saving you loads of space.

What are the other important features?

Apart from choosing a resistance system that best suits your requirement and pocket, a rower should also have a few basic features like a good and clear LCD display monitor. Concept2 rowers come with a PM5 monitor which provides tons of important workout related details such as calories burnt, distance covered, heart rate, stroke rate, time etc.

Apart from that, rowers should also come with a comfortable and easy to grip handle, foot straps and all the basic tools needed for a quick assembly.



Benefits of Rctrailcrew

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Rock Cut Trail Crew

The Rock Cut Trail Crew is a group of volunteers from Northern Illinois dedicated to developing and maintaining trails for mountain biking in the Rockford area.

It’s great to ride the trails. But it takes a lot of elbow grease to build them and keep them in good condition.

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Rock Cut is OPEN for riding

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Please consider traveling to the Bow Valley to enjoy all it has to offer, spend the night and wake-up on-site and ready to get ‘CROSS in Canmore. See Strava: x, y, z as a potential Saturday afternoon training circuit.

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